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We unlock the promise of technology to help public and businesses solve problems across the regions.

We partners with innovative businesses and more projects to monitor global change, deliver connectivity and advance real-estate operations with capabilities in Block-chain Infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence. 

Years of Experience

About Us

Our Scope

At every opportunity, we seek to harness human capabilities For A Sustainable World. This means improving our own technological processes and outputs and connecting technologies, infrastructure and services they need to make the world a better place to live. 


Live Projects

CGBOD - Delivered

This is a project for manifesting performance across the industries.
Client: Estonia
Geographic Scope: Middle East

BRIKKS - Development

E-commerce project with WYSIWG service. Products at customers spec.
Client: India
Geographic Scope: India

FLATR - Development

Next generation real estate management system.
Client: India
Geographic Scope: World wide

TRIBA- Development

GI based e-commerce systems that connect tribal vendors.
Client: India
Geographic Scope: World wide


Environment preview and tile visual replication 
Client: India
Geographic Scope: Local


Traffic discipline management systems
Client: India
Geographic Scope: Worldwide

Dumpass - Development

Next generation no nonsense asset disposals
Client: Word wide
Geographic Scope: World wide

Sleev- PoC

AI based APP engine to detect the area over irregular objects
Client: World wide
Geographic Scope: World wide

Long Term Collaboration

Partner your project with us.

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